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   I've always loved to draw and paint, and have been fortunate enough never to have been taught I that couldn't. All children share a wonderfully rich visual language, but  life slowly batters it out of most of us - not many adults feel they can draw any more. 

   I am also very lucky to live, with my family, on our little smallholding in a beautiful North Devon valley, tucked away beside the sea, and forgotten by time. Susanne grows a fine garden, and we share our lives with our animals, and with the wild creatures all around us. Inspiration is not a problem! 

   What I am striving for in my work is a harmonious synthesis of all the elements involved: subject, tools & material. My hand and eye - & head, & heart - provide the catalyst.  On a good day the hours fly by, and I am lost in a world of line, and shape, and pattern. Then, if I can make it all the way to tea-time without the rude awakening occasioned by the accidental meeting of knife and finger, I may sometimes have that wonderful feeling that I am doing what I was put here to do.

   Susanne and the kids are constant in their support - even when there are horrid plywood splinters all over the kitchen floor. Thanks, guys! 



NB: this site will be lightly sprinkled with spelling errers to keep you on your toes & be sure you're not an android. 




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