Plans for Lee Bay Hotel Site

   Plans are currently before the North Devon Council for  demolition of the hotel and new development of 24 dwellings plus  facilities.

   The built-on 'footprint' of this development appears to be over 100% bigger than the existing hotel.

   The 'affordable homes' element appears to have disappeared, despite wide spread support from the community.

   If you share my concerns about the scale & appropriateness of this development, or if you just love Lee Bay and want to find out more, please check the plans at ref:59766 The consultation period ends 10/9/15. It's well worth having your say!







  was asked recently for a 'philosophy' that underpins my work and why it is so important to me.

 I didn't have a lot of luck with that, but I think that may be what I do have is a'place' - a  quiet vantage point and a context from which to try and make sense of all the hustle & bustle.

  I can  make claim to be a 'proper' local, with the requisite three generations in the churchyard up at Morte ( though Mum delights in tellin' how, due to dreadful lack of foresight on parents' part, and a dodgy Bubble Car, I was actually born in Hemel Hempstead...), and we have lived  on  our  little smallholding in Lee for nearly twenty years. The coast from Morte Point to Ilfracombe is my front garden, and I never forget how lucky I am.

   This is the North Devon Atlantic coastline. The sea is always moving fast, often stirred up by an ocean storm and crashing white onto the jagged cliffs and rocks of Morte slate.  Calms can be deceptive; the power of the surging waves always very real.


   There are days when all is blue and tranquil, and our little cove is Paradise! But to really love this coast is to love the colour Grey, and to feel the cold of the sea in your bones as well as the warmth of the sun on your skin. We have as many words for 'mizzle' as the Inuit do for snow!

   So, Lee Bay is my geographical 'place' - and Sandy Cove in particular. I could tell you how to find it, but  if I did that I would have to burn your beach towel... 

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