If You Would Like To Buy A Picture.... 

....that would be good for us, and jolly good for you too!




he water-based printing inks and paints we use really sing under glass, so if you like the images on the 'pooter, I'm sure you'll love the real thing.

 Scale is naturally very important too, and difficult to indicate visually on screen.

   I hope it is clear that each print will be slightly different; each with its own unique colour blend, and separate pass through the press. White-line colour prints will vary significantly, as one of the joys of this technique is the ability to use a fresh pallet of colours for every individual print.

   You are very welcome to visit us and collect your print by arrangement. Kettle's always on! Alternatively, the unframed prints travel very well in heavy-duty postal tubes, and we will charge for p&p at cost.

   Please contact us for payment details.

   Finally, you'll not find any Hard Sell here. The chickens are laying well, and the kids' old shoes should nearly see 'em through the Winter....

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