White-Line Colour Prints


   This method is so-called because it relies on a 'white line' being cut around all the shapes of different colour in a design on the  block. These areas of colour are then inked in and printed, just a few at a time. Each individual print may therefore pass through the press many times. It is thus a very time-consuming process, but enables a different colour pallet to be used each time, allowing infinite permutations on a theme.

p.s. border not included - for display only.

( Apologies for photo quality, which will be much improved when I can hunt down my tripod )


'Two Turtle Doves...'

....for my True Love!

White -Line Colour Woodcut    

Image size:  23cm x 17cm               

"Turtle Doves are for Christmas, not just for life..."

Christmas2014  Hand Coloured Ltd Edition 18



'Damascene Pigeons'    

White-Line Colour Woodcut    

Image size: 23cm x 17cm

I used to keep these beautiful pigeons, treasured since Ancient Times for their plumage of Damask Silk. Mine were allowed to fly free. Sadly, the Tawny Owl appreciated them for different qualities.

Nov2014    Hand Coloured Ltd Edition 18



Reduction Colour Prints



eduction prints, or 'ghost prints' as Anna calls them, are made by repeat printings of the same block. After each colour is printed, that part of the design intended to remain in that colour is cut away, prior to the next inking. Therefore there is no going back, and very little of the block will be left at the end of the process.

'Golden Orioles'

Reduction woodcut.

Image size: 


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